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We are now offering transportation of the mattress and box spring from your location to ours for the added cost of the transportation fee.  Please contact us for a quote.  All mattresses and box springs must be dry.


Below is an example of the effects of removing 5896 mattresses and box springs from a landfill:

This example shows how many cubic yards of landfill space is saved, how a landfill can utilize our recycling options, save precious landfill space, and add to their bottom line each year.  This does not take into account the fact that some landfills charge a fee to the consumer to recycle mattresses and box springs that generates a new revenue stream and continues to increase their bottom line. 

 Mattresses/Box Springs per year                                                       5896

Cubic yards of space                                                                                   5022.52

Tipping Fee at landfill (est.)                                                                    $40.00

Compacted cubic yard value (est.)                                                     $25.00

Cash value at the landfill:

$25.00 per compacted cubic yard x 5022.25

cubic yards of space                                                                                   $125,556.25

Tipping fee at scale $40.00 x approx. 350 tons                         $14,000.00

Total cash value at the landfill                                                             $139,556.25

Total Cost to recycle 5896 mattresses/box springs:

Cost to recycle 5896 at $5.00 each                                                  $29,480.00

Cost to transport 5896 units; 185 units per load

32 loads at $500.00 per load (est.)                                                  $16,000.00
Cost to transport and recycle 5896 units                                   $45480.00

Net positive cash value for the landfill
per 5896 units recycled                                                                        $94076.25

That is $94076.25 that the landfill can add to their bottom line each year!!That is 5022.52 cubic yards that can be sold again